“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.  It is what the customer gets out of it.”

        – Peter Drucker

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About Us

Behind Every King is an agency focused on social good. We work with nonprofits, corporations, and agencies to develop digital marketing, brand strategies, branded products, along with services offered to make making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively a long-lasting impact.

Product Customization

Customers can either approach us to make certain customizations in a product or personalize the products themselves, exactly the way they want. We customize everything from T-Shirts, Wine Glasses, Wine Bottles, Hats, Mask, Jewelry, leggings and more!!




 We offer a variety of services to our clients such as cleaning, courier, and personal assistant. These services can be booked same day if requested by 2pm. 



Business Consultants 

We will help plan, implement, and educate businesses on start-up products. We'll work directly with business owners on developing a business plan, identifying marketing needs, and developing the necessary skills for business ownership.




Over the past years, Nakkia has been entertaining and informing the public through radio broadcast and public service.

Email: konsiderdis@gmail.com

Phone: 202-630-6836

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