Over the past years, Nakkia has been entertaining and informing the public through radio broadcast and public service.

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     KonsiderDis Radio, currently airs live every Sunday at  NOON on WEBR Radio Fairfax.

KDR  is formatted as an infotainment musical based show, focusing largely on

lifestyles feature and independent music. Each episode begins with "Hot Topics"an

opening segment-with commentary taken from listeners throughout the program. 

The show incorporates a heavier emphasis on stories about lifestyles topics that are

not covered on traditional radio shows. 


The program includes other in-depth subjective segments that incorporate our guest:

  • "Good Gossip" a regularly featured segment that highlight the good in the world 

  • "Health Topic"  featuring natural remedies for common illnesses

  • "Agree to Disagree" that showcases hosts opinions of celebrity gossip.


      Weekly, guest are incorporated into the show, unlike other programs where they have 10-minute interviews. 

Our guest is apart of the show. Not only are our guest here to promote their products/brands but they also comment on segments and lifestyle topics.  Listeners are welcomed to participate in the program by watching live on "Chanel 37' in VA, Tune In App, or Facebook live-at @konsiderdis. 

       So, tell a friend to tell friend  "So U. TheyCan Be Konsidered"

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