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Media training 

The goal of media training is to assist and prepare you for your role in representing your company or organization. You'll learn how to predict questions, avoid common traps, and focus on delivering your key messages.Media training is a specialized form of communication training for interacting with media.


Radio Production

This course is designed to teach the key operating functions of traditional radio studios and includes topics such as: operating the audio board, the use and mixing of multiple sources, proper on-air presentation, and the essential station policies and procedures.


You will be required to prepare a radio shows and present them live, on-air as the class progresses. 




Audacity is a free software program that will let you edit your audio files quickly (available for both PC’s or MAC’s). During this audio editing workshop, you will learn to develop your audio abilities by editing audio files, mixing music, voice, and sound effects while learning the operations of this easy-to-use multitrack editor.


You will also learn how to apply special effects such as reverb, echo, and frequency equalization. This program can be downloaded from Students will need to have an external storage device such as a flash drive to save the class project.


On-Air Talent

Advance your skills as a host, interviewer, and speaker. Learn how to present your 'best' self, vocally and visually, so that you will feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed in front of any TV or video camera. Learn how to evaluate the set environment and make it work for you. Learn how to prepare for interviews and pre-interview your guests. 


Learn how to write and deliver clear and powerful messages. Learn how to operate and read scripts from a TelePrompter. Learn how to answer impromptu questions from journalists, reporters, and talk show host effectively.

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