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Bowie State: Alumni goes "Pound for Pound"

Bowie Md- Bowie State University has produced notable celebrities, politicians, business people, and athletes including that of undefeated Greg "Sharp Shooter" Outlaw. This is the first time ever boxing will be held at Bowie State University and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the BSU Athletic Department. Greg "Sharp Shooter" Outlaw graduated with a B. S. in Sports Management from Bowie State University in 2016. Shortly after his 2016 debut, he signed with Real Deal Sports and Entertainment. This event is the first of much exciting partnership between Bowie State University, The Real Deal Boxing and Shabazz Brothers Boxing.

Disclaimer: This will not be a technical review but a woman's perspective on what she saw (lol).

Boxing is long as hell! But that didn't stop the DMV from supporting our own! The "under-​cards" consisted of a lot of holding and hugging with little to no excitement. What I didn’t see were punches being thrown and landed.

Here are my notable mentions:

Muhsin Cason (3-0) brother to Heavyweight Hasim “Gold Blooded” Rahman was the only KO of the night.

(MPD) Sixth District's own Tiara Brown who had the legendary "Dusty Harrison" in her corner. Brown, won 2 mins in the fourth round against her opponent Jasmine Clarkson

A crowd favorite, Alantez Fox (24-1, 11 KOs) fought a slow but steady fight. He went the full eight rounds and won all three scorecards 80-72 against his opponent.

Mark Duncan (1-0) rocked his opponent! Duncan body shots were unmatched and just after 2.37 into the second round- Jonell was out! It’s probably that D.C. water.

Greg "Sharp Shooter" Outlaw did not come to play at his Alma mater with a unanimous TKO against Rashad Bogar. Bogar, started off the fight with that Jersey swag but it couldn't keep up with the consistency that Outlaw displayed so effortlessly. It was during the 3rd or 4th round when the energy of the fight picked up due to a punch that Outlaw landed and cut Bogar right-eye. That must have pissed him off because he fought more aggressively after landing some great body shots. Unfortunately, for him, it didn't win the fight. 

Congratulations, Greg "Sharp Shooter" Outlaw on winning your first of many fights at your Alma mater. This career win makes him 6-0, with 2 KO's. Log on to for upcoming matches and more. 

Per usual: I'd rather be Mz. UndaStood than Basic. 

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