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Can you afford to “Go Green”?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

For many “Working Poor” families ($23,050 to $32,500) the thought of “Going Green” alone makes the chi-ching sound. When actually you can save thousands of dollars each year. There is a huge misconception in urban communities that to “Go Green” means to eat organic foods and recycling. When actually it’s a lifestyle that can change your carbon footprint.

I asked Mrs. Jones, a single mother of two that resides in Ward 7 how does she feel about going green? Her reply is “I can’t afford organic food, and prefers to purchase processed food because it’s more affordable for her $11.00 an hour salary. Can you blame her? With all the advertisement and media hype behind purchasing gadgets, buying organic only is required to “Go Green” is not true at all. Going green refers to any environmentally friendly activity that conserves energy, reduces pollution and saves money. Did you know that reducing trash, cooking from scratch, unplugging electronics when you’re not at home, and recycling are tangible and impactful ways in urban communities?

I visited the Green Festival not too long ago which is America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. Their mission is Green Festival is inspiring and empowering consumers, communities and businesses to work green, play green and live green. I must admit they nailed it on the nose! The customer service from the time you entered the doors was amazing. All the staff was friendly and knowledgeable about the event. I can’t be the only one that hates going to events or stores and the staff doesn’t know anything (lol). The exhibitors were full of energy, not to mention the products were very diverse. You had everything from Enterprise Car Share ($5.00 an hour rentals) to Synergy Organic Clothing Line (Women’s Organic Clothing), under one roof. It took me at least 3hrs to explore the exhibitors to learn more about green living, try products, and fall in love with kale chips. Thanks to Dave, Dave Lieberson (PR Consultant with Finn Partners) was nice enough to schedule me an interview with Dr. Corinna Basler, Director of the Green Festival, Inc.

  1. Green Festival is America's largest and longest running sustainability and green living event in America. But how long have you actually been with the organization?

  2. What would your advice be for someone, who believes that they can’t afford to “Go Green”?

  3. While reading your bio, I noticed that you have an extensive range of studies from consumer behavior to corporate social responsibility. Would you credit your diverse education to your success in the industry?

  4. Is it possible for Mass Food production to become sustainable?

  5. After being a vegetarian for twenty years, why did you decide to become a Vegan?

  6. With all the success that the Green Festival has accomplished over the last 10years, how do you make the next 10 years supersede our expectations?

It was such an honour to interview a successful like-minded person that has a clear intention and heart. I understand that it is a lot of information to take in but I would like for you to walk away with this… Urban Communities should not think of “Going Green” as a trend but think of it as an environmental inconvenience. Because it is our community whose physical well-being is affected! #HaveUBeenKonsidered

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