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Thrift Like Me

Are you are living paycheck to paycheck? But desire look cute on a budget? If you're anything like me then you love to shop, and no is not an option on any budget.  I love to think of myself as the budget whisper. I will never forget what my aunt asked me “Nikki, do you want quality or quantity” at that age I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about but my answer was quantity! And no one can tell me that they would rather have one pair of jeans that cost $90.00, compared to having 6 pairs for the same price. 

As a teenager, I remember getting over 10 pairs of shoes and an abundance of clothes for Christmas. I couldn’t wait to go back to school and never repeat the same clothes. My aunt would keep me fresh at all times that gave me pride in myself and what I was wearing. Until, this day I’m not sure if my aunt was a budget shopper or if she just had it like that. But her spending habits definitely, rubbed off on me, and I’m sure Draven is GRATEFUL for that. Now, let’s be clear, I don’t mind paying full price if it is something that I want. But usually, it’s to the clearance rack I go or half off at the thrift store!  I know a couple of you have turned up your face at the idea of thrift store but please keep this in mind. We all know someone that have worn clothes and taken them back or tried on clothes. So there is that much of A difference. Plus, you can’t take any of it with you when you die, so why go broke? I’ve put together a couple of tips that should keep you grounded until your next pay period!

1.    Buy during the off season i.e. purchase your winter clothes in the summer and vice versa. Most companies offer these pieces for over 50% during the off season. 

2.    If you are in a designer mood. Then shop at the frugal shop i.e. Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, Forman Mills, or even the outlets. A lot of times you can receive additional coupons via websites and present them from your smart phone. 

3.    My go to be always the Thrift Store! The key to thrift store shopping is this, only shop on the ½ days. NEVER, EVER pay full price for clothes that you got to wash. I’m just saying. 

4.    Go Consignment. If you are used to wearing nice things and experienced a pay cut then this is just for you. Not only will they purchase your clothes but you can buy again while you are there. Almost like re-gifting. 

5.    The clearance rack is always your friend. I walk through a store with tunnel vision. Straight to the back of the store (lmao). 

6.    This isn’t for me because I get all my name brand clothing from the thrift store or boutique. However, you may want to join one of the shopping sites like Beyond the Rack or Haute Look. 

7.    Sign-Up for retailer alerts. This is another way to receive store coupons and to learn sales days. 

Lastly, shopping should be FUN and take all day. So, leave people at home with no money and your significant other unless they love shopping too. It’s nothing worse than being rushed on ½ Sundays or during a Buy one, get one ½ sale. It takes patience. I know you can do it! 

The goal here is to save money but look cute while doing it all on a budget.

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