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UMC: Jacqueline and Jilly Review

Did you catch last Sunday's episode of "KonsiderDis Radio"? If not, click here to listen to the previous last show of the year! If you did, then you know that 2019 will be filled with new looks, content, and approach.

We are starting our new content early with the premiere of UMC's own "Jacqueline and Jilly." This six-part series is written and directed by producer, director, writer and actress, Victoria Rowell. Even though Victoria Rowell is most recognizable from Young and Restless she is an award-winning actress, international lecturer, holds two doctorates - a teacher, advocate, mother, and former foster youth.

This "A Days Ferry Production" has the charming backdrop of Newport News/Hampton, Virginia and stars Daphne Maxwell Reid, Richard Brooks, Nikko Austen Smith, Shannon Wallace, and of course writer & director Victoria Rowell. @JacquelineandJilly tackles the Taboo stigma of addiction like many of us has seen it unfold in our homes or neighborhoods.

"The New York Times analysis of the opiate crisis revealed that black people between 45 and 64 years old are some of the most affected by overdose and death associated with opioid abuse"

Over the years, the “Ordinary” addict has changed. The black community makes up about 32% of the population in the city but accounts for roughly half of all opioid-related deaths. An accidental addiction led to the healing of three generations. It’s an odd circumstantial irony that the addiction is the problem, when in fact the actual triggers cause the addiction. @JacquelineandJilly focal point is the inflexible premise: addiction. Those every day, tough moments that push us through, guide us to healing and make you cry. Because everyone’s involvement is unique, these are stories told through three generations vantage points, with the family only sharing one thing-pain.

It’s the abutment of ups and downs- those conflicting emotions-add in a few comedic beats (Daphne Reid aka Zillah Stewart) which makes this such a captivating film. It occurred to me while going over my two pages of notes for @JacquelineandJilly that this film is too important to give away, all the details. So, anytime my daughter and I are able to sit down and eat dinner together- we go around the table with the highs and lows of our day. I am going to keep that same energy now and bring you some highs and lows of the film.

Highs- Jacqueline and Jilly breakthrough at the Yoga Studio

Jilly's father support of her healing Paul's unconditional love for Jilly Jilly's commitment to her recovery

Lows - Jacqueline denial about the addiction Mrs. Stewart complaining all the time

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