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Wu-Tang Clan's seminal album turns 25!

I said this once before, but I will repeat it: Music transcends between age, race, finances, and culture!

Feed the Scene was back better than ever on Thursday, November 1st with their second sold-out show @theanthemdc. However, this "Band & Breakfast"-Not-For-Profit organization, brought you all original members of @WuTangClan to celebrate 25yrs of "36 Chambers".

For many fans, the night was long awaited. But openers Senica Da Misfit, Lazurus, and Du$k Bone-Z kept the crowd entertained with their comparable hip-hop styles. They may not be a household name yet, but their resumes are impressive:

Lazurus: Board Certified Physician and featured on MTV, Discovery Channel, CNN, BBC, FOX Sports, The Source, XXL Magazine. Senica Da Misfit: Worked with super producer 9th Wonder and Inspectah Deck to name a few. He has also worked as an actor on TV One "For My Man." Du$k Bone-Z: Vice President of Lok N Ent, Creative Designer, and Ghostwriter

After the opening acts, we were blessed with a performance by the one and only Redman. He opened the night along with D.M.V. owns Picasso @demontpinder and OG @thelegendary_dj_kool. Redman explains that his show involves “110% effort, every time”. This provides the cue for his charismatic-crowd roaring/ear popping classics. Redman is master of ceremonies, leading every call and response. Redman ends his set with a musical performance with DJ Dice the original DJ of the hip-ho p group Das Efx. Finally, he reveals that his album will be released 2019 and the crowd went crazy!

Wu-Tang Clan’s seminal album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), was released in November 1993. To celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary, they debut their tour with @FeedTheScence in Washington, D.C.

Wu-Tang brought their show back to basics — focusing on a block in Shaolin Island aka Staten Island. The set was complete with project building and the paddy wagon which left a strong sentiment that defined the rest of the show. Just as the sold-out crowd settled in, a trailer for @RZA new movie "Cut Throat City"- a heist movie set in the lower ninth ward in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The film featured A-Listers Terrance Howard, T.I., Eiza González, Wesley Snipes, Kat Graham and more! RZA upped the energy with the hook of "Bring Da Rukas" before sharing the stage with Ghostface, Raekwon, GZA, Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, and U God.

Emotions raced after the beat dropped for "Brooklyn Zoo aka "Shame on You" and @youngdirtybastardofficial came out looking/sounding just like his dad#RIPOlDirty.

It was abundantly clear who the crowd was waiting for because when Meth popped out on the stage (screams and cheers erupted). Noticeably, the members traded their signature W for logo replicas from the city such as the Redskins, Caps, and Nats. While the launch of the 36 Chambers tour was exciting in the way of all members of the Wu-Tang Clan was present. It wasn't exactly evenly disbursed.

We all know Method Man is the star of the group, but I was expecting to see a solo performance from Ghostface and Raekwon. Or even them performing the remix to Teyana Taylor "You're Gonna Love Me." Especially, since they announced a collaboration with Milk Makeup for a vegan lipstick collection. While it was a drawback to the overall concert, it didn't do anything to hinder their performance completing all tracks of the album.

Don't me wrong, I like looking at Meth just like the next woman, but I at least thought we would get to hear something from Ironman or Supreme Clientele (that's all).

The venue was tense with anticipation on what was next after Meth and Redman performed "Da Rockwilder."

There was nothing more exciting than Rza and Ghostface asking us which song they missed we yelled "Protect Ya Neck," and the beat dropped. Overall, the show was amazing! The connection and crowd control of the audience was unmatched. It worked well for the first stop celebrating 25yrs of "Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers" which has sold over 40 million worldwide.

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