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Programs & Services

KonsiderDis has a strong history of enriching, empowering, and supporting underserved/economically challenged communities, primarily the Ward 8 Community, to create intentional behavior through art and humanities discipline. We started KonsiderDis because of the needs, desires, and community conditions of black and brown people for an even more significant impact on the positive transformation of inner-city families.

Our Programs

Nakkia founded KonsiderDis in 2017 and has played a significant role in providing creative engagement for community members via the Arts, Humanities, and Park Based Health. We served over 3,000 community members of all ages and backgrounds through partnerships with other community-based organizations. 


 Lifelong DC resident, entrepreneur, and author whose home is in Ward 8, Nakkia has extensive case management experience with various agencies and nonprofits across DC. In addition to her human service work, Nakkia also has over 10yrs media experience hosting and producing radio shows that have aired on FM, AM, and Telecast radio within the D.M.V.  After many successful years on the mic Nakkia added facilitator to her resume. With this vast experience in media, she began to facilitate Radio Production, On-Air Talent, Audacity, and more! 

Our unique strategies create a dynamic cultural experience. We've adapted to the changing needs of our community while being firmly grounded in a stable base of activity that includes classes, camps, performances, residencies, outreach, and workshops that stimulate intergenerational conversation. 


Lastly, KonsiderDis has been a long-time community partner with Parks & People, activating Marvin Gaye Park community engagement and cultural experience programs for years that have helped thousands of residents and families use the park for music, play, learning, and mental, physical, environmental, civic, and nutritional health. D.M.V. 

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Mindful Decisions adds interactive, engaging, and educational activities to create intentional behavior. 



We our  service coordination, and referral services to help improve the lives of families East of the River. 



Build digital storytelling and communication skills with our programs on multimedia. 


Free and reduced cost services in the D.M.V.

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

How Can We Help


 Mindful Decisions adds interactive, engaging, and educational activities to create intentional behavior. Many of the weekly models are based on our five principles of life which include; Mindset, Love, Family, Health/Wellness, and finances. 


What is self-love and confidence?  We will explore all our insecurities to fix those we can change and embrace what is out of our hands! 


Our community partners will provide health education and health promotion activities to address health problems and promote overall well-being.


We will explore family dynamics & interactions among relatives, their roles and relationships, and the various factors that shape their interactions. 


Learn credit tricks, tips, and insurance products to create intergenerational wealth for your family!


D.C. is truly unique with the number of FREE resources they provide underserved communities with. Explore them here with us. 

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