On-Air Talent:

     Mz.UndaStood: Straightforward but coy radio star covers everything from sex to religion with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, musicians, artists in the DMV and beyond! Succeeding her success in radio, DorisJune built a devoted community network to service the underserved community members of Ward 7 and 8 in Washington D.C through her KD Initiative.


KonsiderDis Radio is a musical based infotainment radio show based in D.C. Metropolitan Area. Hosted by Mz.UndaStood. Common topics of discussion on the show are the "Five Principles of Life" which includes Love, Family, Health, Mindset, + Financial Literacy delivered in a clatchet manner.

Mz. UndaStood is known for her boisterous interviews with entrepreneurs, celebrities, and recording artists. KD Radio subjects all guests with their trademark line of questioning and research for the best interviews ever heard!

Mz. UndaStood is one of the founders of "New Me Who Dis" Workshop+ Healthy Helpings (Community Potluck), a monthly community engagement series hosted by serval expert influencers. 


Currently, KD Radio is televised by Cox on Ch.37 every Sunday at Noon + KDR playback can be heard worldwide via Itunes, Spotify, + SoundCloud. 

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