Over the past years, Nakkia has been entertaining and informing the public through radio broadcast and public service.

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Mother, sister, media maven, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and soon to be a best-selling author, Nakkia is best known for her long-running nominated radio show, KonsiderDis Radio. 

As the straightforward but coy radio star Mz. UndaStood. KonsiderDis Radio covers everything from sex to religion with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, musicians, artist in the DMV and beyond! The show also includes a diverse mix of blog reviews and recorded onsite live interviews with celebrity guests from television, film, and music. Succeeding her success in radio, Nakkia built a devoted community network to service the underserved community members of Ward 7 and 8 in Washington D.C through her KD Initiative.

KonsiderDis is a community initiative that partners with dedicated individuals or organizations to improve the health and welfare of our community via Tobacco Cessation Classes, Community Engagement, and Life Therapy Workshops. 

At the top of the year of 2019, Nakkia released her first book, Just My Thoughts: A Non-traditional way of journaling which is a quick read that reformat journaling. In June 2021, KonsiderDis will open their first transitional home "Doris June", for men or women 30yrs + that meet qualifying requirements.Doris June Program will include mentorship, financial health, counseling, and family activities.  Funds will also be used to partner with community partners to produce community events.

All people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Act as a partner that provides services and resources. We sponsor projects that benefit communities through social change. 


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