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 Sustain communities through Arts, Humanities, and  Mindset Building


Establish and maintain supportive relationships



Issue: Many limited resources to people of color who have limited knowledge of the relationship between life practices and health status. KonsiderDis curriculum has the materials that enable these community members to advocate for essential nutrition, mental health, financial literacy/freedom, education, health, and food skills. 


WHAT HAS BEEN DONE: KonsiderDis has engaged over 5,000 community members since conception. The families we serve are known to be from some of the worst zip codes in the district. We are planted in an economically challenged community where drugs, gangs, violence, and crime are common occurrences affecting the kids, youth, and adults. 

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     We are entrenched in economically challenged communities where drugs, gangs, violence, and crime are a regular occurrence affecting our communities every day.
Mindful Decisions is an interchangeable "Arts and Humanities"social-emotional program that assists young people and adults acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy
identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships. 

We will utilize our platform to transmit information, promote comprehension, and spark interest. The program will include discussions, simulations, games, and media. We're entrenched in economically challenged communities where drugs, gangs, violence, and crime are regularly affecting our communities every day. To develop intentional behavior and the coping skills that will help us navigate through this journey called life. At the end of the program, you'll precisely notice what you feel in your body, experiencing your emotions, and thinking in your mind. That is the actual content of your experience. We will look at ourselves with interest, curiosity, and inquiry, particularly when exploring our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Core Values

  • Artistic opportunity

  • Cultural enrichment

  • Creativity and expression

  • Diversity and inclusivity

  • Accessibility and opportunity

  • Community engagement

  • Creativity vitality and sustainability

It's Here!!

Be Mindful is the brainchild of Sha'Ran Lowe and Nakkia aka Nikki June's MindFul Decisions Workshop. These affirmations were designed to help our participants navigate through this journey of life. It is our responsibility to speak life in ourselves daily and "Be Mindful" does just that!